Qi Yama | KiBernard

“If my music doesn’t speak for itself then I don’t want to make it in the industry,” Qi Yama said.

Qi Yama has only recently stepped out from the shadows and onto the local scene since feeling he’s reached a place in his music that he is comfortable with after spending more than half a decade developing and honing his sound. His distinctive, soulful tone and rhetorical prowess are promising to make him stand out in no time from other emerging Montreal artists as a musical gem.

His beginnings in music did not prognosticate his predilection for the original sound which characterizes his music today. Instead, it was his penchant for listening to a variety of veteran and contemporary artists like Jimi Hendrix, Andre 3000, and Frank Ocean which motivated him to go beyond simply covering songs on his guitar.

Taking inspiration from a variety of genres like hip-hop, R&B, and alternative music, the music style he developed refuses to fit a singular mold. Disparate elements – refined verses, soothing melodies, and passionate delivery – are seamlessly fused to create songs that awaken and stimulate your sensibilities. When you listen to the EP he released earlier this year on SoundCloud titled q&a, you can get a taste of how Qi Yama cleverly blends the boundaries between genres.

Lyrical content is incontestably as important to Qi Yama as the music which underlies it. He steers clear of the modish jargon that pollutes mainstream music with noxious inauthenticity and instead opts to tell stories that focus on the struggles he’s experienced growing up. Carefully chosen words strung together form introspective narratives filled with beautiful, relatable images of hope, dreams, and loss.

Qi Yama’s music speaks volumes about who he is as an artist now. When paying special attention to his songs, you may even catch a glimpse of how far he’s made it in his journey. However, it is important to keep in mind that what he is sharing with the world now is only a stepping stone in his journey of musical growth. What motivates him today to continue paving his way in music is his desire to tell and share stories.


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